Casa de Luz Communities - Supporting new Casa Initiates

 Many would like to see a proliferation of Casa de Luz Communities and we are going to form an organization that will lend far reaching support to incubate new locations.


Casa de Luz is a new kind of "religious assembly." It has similarities to churches and temples that support building health and community. The Casa de Luz advantage is that people can attend everyday, several times a day (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner). We call it religious in the sense that the word "religion" comes from the latin re ligare which means to bind together again . . . in other words, to make whole.


The new community centers will be modeled after Casa de Luz in Austin, Texas which has been in operation since January 27, 1991. Casa de Luz is the continuation of the East West Center of Austin which started in 1984. 


Many of us believe that the time is right for there to be more Casa de Luz centers everywhere. The model is simple and can easily be modeled. 


Casa de Luz offers a panacea - A solution or remedy for all difficulties and diseases. We will reach out to foundations that fund solutions to cancer, diabities, heart diseases and other pandemic maladies for the Whole Food, Plant Based approach has now proven effective, easy and sustainable. The community tables while dining on rightous food creates meaningful connections that ease and heal the diseases caused by loneliness.


Casa de Luz Communities invites you to get involved.