Sunday Menu

Oil Free|Plant Based|Organic|Wholesome|Gluten Free| July 12 , 2020


Red Lentils with mixed veggies topped with Cilantro    


Arugula, Romaine and Red Leaf LettuceTossed In a Almond Dill Dressing 


Short Grain Brown Rice topped with Pecan and Parsley Crumble 


Black Beans With Suncheese 


Cabbage Wrap Tacos 

Onion| Carrots| Celery | Green Cabbage| Green Beans|

With Sliced Avocado and Pickled Cabbage 


Tender Blanched Kale and Collard Greens Topped with Walnut Basil Sauce 

Pickled Beets and onion 

Made with Love By our Casa Family