Tuesday Dinner 

Plant Based | Organic | Wholesome | Gluten Free| 

October 20th, 2020



Yellow Split Peas with Mixed Vegetables



Garden Greens tossed in our Casa Dressing

(Contains all Nuts and Seeds)


Main Plate

Medium Rice with Quinoa and Raisins


Kidney Beans


Casa Gorditas filled with Mixed Vegetables, Flaxseeds, Guacamole and Coriander


Tender Blanched Kale topped with an Almond and Basil Dressing


Pickled Red Onion and Sauerkraut 


Made with Love by The Casa Family 


Adult $14.07| Kids:0-3 Free, 4-6 $4.50, 7-10$6.50| All Desserts $4.50| All Cookies $2.50| To Go Containers $0.50|

(To Go meals require 3 To Go Containers)


*We no longer take cash. Sorry for the inconvenience!*