Volunteer at Casa de Luz

Did you know that you can volunteer at Casa de Luz? Being a non profit, we could always use the extra hands, plus you can learn and be a part of preparing our daily meals!

You will Learn:

What goes into preparing our lunch and dinner meals. You can also ask our lead cooks to teach you how to make our sauces and dressings. It's a fun experience, while getting to know our staff better, a chance to use your culinary skills, plus you get a free meal!

How it Works:

We are open everyday, therefor you can volunteer any day of the week.

We have 2 shifts

Morning: 8am-11am

Evening: 2:45pm-5pm

What to Bring:

Something to cover your hair up with like a hat or bandana and an apron. Note: If you don't have an apron we have some that you may use!


How to Sign Up:

You can call us ahead of time at 512 476 2535 and let us know which date and shift you would like to volunteer OR let a host know when you are at Casa de Luz.


Note: Due to limited space we can only take 2-3 volunteers per shift, this is why it is helpful to let us know ahead of time when you are planning on volunteering.


Your Free Meal:

After the shift is over you get a free meal! Which includes soup, salad, and an entrée that you helped prepare! You are also welcome to sit and eat with our staff.